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Private Air Tours

Fly a private tour by choosing from air tours found on our San Francisco Tours page, or curate a tour with our reservation experts.

Photography & Videography Flyovers

City and nature photography, media agencies, and product photoshoots are some of our favorite groups to fly!

Curated Trips

Wanting a unique SF proposal, a special photography trip over a coastal property, or a special request? Our private charter is perfect for you.

image of a seaplane flying above sausalito on the left and on the right is an image of a helicopter flying above the golden gate bridge

Seaplane and Aero Adventures offers an array of custom charters including flights to Tahoe, trips to Half Moon Bay, and flyovers of memorable viewpoints. Our San Francisco Tours Routes can also be flown as private tours. Looking for charter flights from San Francisco? Seaplane and Aero Adventures offer convenient options for charter flights in and out of San Francisco.

Aircraft Options for Charters and Private Flights

Helicopter Charters and Private Flights

Our helicopter pad is conveniently located ten minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge in picturesque Marin County. The options are endless! Fly to the Sonoma Valley for wine tasting, avoiding auto traffic. Propose mid-air on a tour of the city. Off-airport landings are available to get you to that coastal property faster. Skip heavy San Francisco traffic by flying from our helipad directly to the San Francisco Airport.

Looking for a helicopter charter in San Francisco? Our helicopter pad is the perfect starting point for your aerial adventures in and around San Francisco. 

Helicopter Details:

We can fly 1 – 5 people per helicopter with our available fleet. Additional helicopters are available on a per-need basis.

We have a 1-hour minimum for our Private Helicopter charters. Private tours are selected from our Helicopter Air Tours. Our helicopter charters are configured throughout the Sonoma and Napa Valley and the entire Bay Area. 

Starting at $2,400/hr excluding landing fees and pilot standby time

Seaplane Charters and Private Flights

Looking for unforgettable seaplane charters in San Francisco? Our Seabase is conveniently located ten minutes above the Golden Gate Bridge in picturesque Marin County, offering a unique and scenic experience.

Enjoy a leisurely flight with our seaplane charters to Clear Lake for a weekend of wine tasting. Propose mid-air on a breathtaking tour of the coast. Land at Lake Tahoe for a stunning start to your vacation. And if you want to skip the heavy city traffic, our seabase allows you to fly directly to your desired water destination.

Seaplane Details:

Experience the thrill of seaplane charters with 1 – 6 people per Seaplane in our current fleet. If you have a larger group, additional Seaplanes are available on a per-need basis.

Our Seaplanes can comfortably accommodate 1 – 6 people, allowing you to share the adventure with friends or family. For larger groups, we can arrange additional Seaplanes as per your requirements.

Embark on a seaplane charter with a minimum of 1 hour. Whether you choose a private tour from our Seaplane Air Tours or have a specific destination in mind, our team is ready to make your experience exceptional.

Starting at $2,045/hr excluding landing fees and pilot standby time

Private Flight & Charter Destinations

Have an idea? Send it our way! Work with our reservation experts to build customized experiences.

Popular Helicopter Destinations:

Popular Seaplane Destinations:

Helicopter and Seaplane availability is subject to aircraft availability and location requirements. Reach out to us to discuss your idea!

a seaplane that is resting on top of the water with mountains and forest behind it

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Experience incredible views soaring over San Francisco’s Top Landmarks in a Seaplane or Helicopter.


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